Pro-Active Systems Monitoring

IT infrastructure consist of complex components, issues such as disk space thresholds, security packs, and out of date software can all cause failure if not detected early enough, and when disaster strikes, it can paralyse your business. CY.MONITOR proactively monitors your IT infrastructure, you will received preventive recommendation and alerts to avoid failures. So you and your staff can focus on your business while leaving uptime and service availability on us.

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Key Features & Benefits

24/7/365 Pro-Active Monitoring

Your infrastructure is constantly working to service your business needs. With IN.MONITOR, our Network Operations Center is continually monitoring your environment.

Detailed Infrastructure Scanning

CY.MONITOR requires a lightweight onsite manager to be installed on endpoints that need to be monitored which automatically performs comprehensive scans of your infrastructure to gather all relevant information that is required to maintain your IT environment with efficiency, maximizing performance and uptime.


Reporting & Inventory Management

Our customer's are pleased to know that they have full control of their technology infrastructure at any given time, while we ensure that their infrastructure is optimized for maximum uptime and performance. With our Suite of Managed Services offerings, our customer’s have access to Converge – a single pane of glass to manage their infrastructure on the go. Adopting this model allows you to manage performance, availability and total cost of ownership – setting you up for success.