Canadian Hosted High Availability Cloud.

CY.CLOUD help businesses achieve cost saving, flexibility, and scalability of IT infrastructure. With CYCLOUD spend more time using your cloud, spend less time on your route to cloud. Speed up your cloud deployment and reduce management costs.

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What is CY.CLOUD?

CY.CLOUD by Createitivity offers a broad portfolio of data center and cloud management solutions that can help you achieve your IT modernization objectives and meet business needs while simplifying IT management. Deliver robust services across any combination of cloud delivery models. Accelerate service delivery by supporting a full range of cloud platforms and automating key management tasks. In addition optimize IT by streamlining deployment, provisioning, scaling and ongoing administration for your physical, virtual and cloud environments.

CY.CLOUD Architecture

Multiple redundant paths to Tier 1 connected fiber loop providers ensure the fastest route between your clients and your applications

Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2, the fastest hypervisor today, makes the CY.CLOUD platform screaming fast

Some of the fastest Enterprise grade CPUs, RAM and chipsets powered by INTEL, all upgraded on a short cycle to maintain our market-leading performance

Redundant InfiniBand fabric transports data within our internal network at 108Gbps

All SSD (flash) Enterprise Grade COMPELLENT SAN means your applications will never be short of IOPS. No more spinning disks or storage bottlenecks

Key Features & Benefits

On Demand Scalability
24/7/365 Monitoring & Management
Rapid Response SLA
Reporting & Inventory Management
Connectivity Troubleshooting
Administration & Security
Virtualization Management