Canadian Hosted Exchange 2013

CY.BOX offers Microsoft Hosted Exchange for your progressing communication needs. CY.BOX can help IT team simplify and stream line messaging resources without additional hardware investment, and additional IT resources.

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What is CY.BOX?

CY.BOX is Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2013 in Canada which is a high-end business email and collaboration solution that we host on a top-of-the-line infrastructure maintained by Microsoft Certified Engineers. We provide the latest Outlook applications that allow rich email creation, management and archiving, as well as calendar, tasks, contacts.

With the addition of ActiveSync mobile synchronization, you can access your emails in real-time on your smartphone through PUSH technology. CY.BOX is quick and easy to deploy, and you can add or remove users at will through our user friendly control panel.

Stay connected to your inbox thanks to real-time synchronization on your iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile or any smartphone Get more done when you’re on the move!

Securely access your inbox through the full-featured and familiar Outlook Web App (OWA) from virtually any platform, web browser, or mobile device.

Share calendars or distribution lists with clients, just as if they were part of your organization.

Benefit from many improvements:

  • Cleaner, uncluttered look
  • Faster emails and quick deletes
  • Easier access to contact information from social networks
  • Forgotten attachment reminders

What is CY.BOX?

As technology grows more sophisticated and IT departments are asked to do more with fewer resources, the hosted software model is becoming a preferred deployment option for many businesses. This approach proves to be more cost-effective than traditional alternatives as it requires no hardware investment and no additional IT resources.

Gone are the days of complex deployments and high upfront and maintenance costs: hosted software is quick to deploy and comes at a fixed price per user per month. Additionally, your business-critical applications are no longer subject to in-house network stability and security concerns. Intrellis uses an entirely clustered and redundant architecture hosted in fully certified datacenters.